Last week at work was one of the craziest weeks I’ve had there. In a normal year, a busy week would have been loading 1000 applications in a single week. Last week, we loaded over 4000. It felt like madness, and I’m so glad it’s over.

I’m also glad that I was able to keep up my writing in the face of that work time madness, even on days when I had to do some work from home in the evenings because of the madness. There was one day that I missed my production work goal, but that was more from my computer crashing than anything else. I really need a new computer, and so does my husband, but we just can’t bring ourselves to budget for them. Not when there’s so much backpacking gear to buy.

I’ve picked the pictures for the solo trip book, and I’m working my way through captioning. I’m also doing some more culling as I go through, because when I try to come up with captions, and they’re redundant, that emphasizes where I have too many pictures of the same thing. In this case, the gravel roads that make up the ICT in the section I was hiking. Still working on day 1, but I think I’ll get a good push in next weekend.

Another recent point of madness relates to my recent annual checkup, wherein my cholesterol levels turned out to be just a bit higher than my provider preferred. So I got a call telling me to avoid fatty meats and increase exercise. I wanted to laugh over the phone at that one, but I refrained. Because I already exercise a lot. I’ve gone to at least 20 CrossFit classes per month for the last 14 months. I bike commute to work. I hike long distances on a regular basis. Increasing exercise would leave little room in my life for anything else.

But, by the BMI scale, I’m “overweight”, so I’m sure that was simply the standard talking point. Because that message didn’t come directly from my provider, and I did tell her just how much I exercise. I had really good cholesterol when I was eating oatmeal on a regular 5 day a week basis, but then I got diagnosed with IBS and oatmeal was one of the things that I got triggered by, so bye bye oats. Maybe I’ll try oats again and see how they do, but I’ll probably wait until a month or two before my next annual check up for that trial.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep up my “normal” level of exercise and focus on the things I can control.

Like finishing these books!

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