Well. I didn’t exactly start October the way I wanted to. The first of the month was almost a total loss when it comes to writing. I got a bit done, but nowhere near 1000 words. 

The next day, October 2nd, Ambrose was signed up for a 5K race. That day was all about him. But I managed to get my hands onto the keyboard and get the thousand words written. And I’ve kept that streak up through Monday and Tuesday. But I’m still working on the blog entries; I haven’t started the book yet. 
But I’m getting close. At this rate, I’ll be finished with the last two blog entries that I want to get done by Friday – as long as I stick to the 1000 words a day. 
Though I do plan on doubling the word count requirements on weekends, now that I’ve gotten started. To be honest, I know I can do more than 5K in a day when I don’t have to go to work. It all comes down to getting my butt in the writing chair. 
One thing that should help improve my word count is that I’ve set myself up to be able to write on my phone. I got quite a few of my words done on Sunday on my phone while I waited for Ambrose to finish running. It’s not something that I’ve done extensively before, but I know that if I can get into a habit of writing on the phone in spare moments, those words will add up. 
Really, the next concern is going to be getting my notes typed up. I take notes on most backpacking trips, but most especially on the ones that I want to write a book on. In the past, my notes on my ICT trips have been a little less informative than I would prefer. Writing me finally asked hiking me to be a little more specific about how I feel and what I’m doing. I don’t know yet if I succeeded, but I made an effort to consider the book more when I wrote notes this last trip. 
Plus, I wrote at every break this year. In the past, I’d write every other break so that I wouldn’t be taking so much time on my breaks. But I was taking my time this year, and the extra writing helped me not to get too worked up over how long my breaks took. 

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