Heading out of the horsecamp in the morning. 

The plan was to camp at Nanny Creek for the night.

Ah, yes, those same lovely downed trees to navigate. 

The trees that got killed by the avalanche are rusty-needled now. 

It was a lovely clear day.

The avalanche did get a lot of trees, but it’s good for them to be thinned a bit.

On this day, I took several pictures of what the trail I was hiking on looked like. This section was rocky, which slowed me down quite a bit with the ankle soreness. 

Partially eaten mushroom on the trail – not my cup of tea.

The trail was mostly better in the grassy areas, but the drawback was that I couldn’t see if I was about to kick or stumble over a hidden rock.

Some late blooming wildflowers, mostly paintbrushes.

Now this is good trail – easy to see, no big rocks, pretty flat. I could almost keep up with Ambrose walking on this.

Of course that kind of trail doesn’t last.

There were a lot, a lot of downed trees.

I soaked my ankle in this calm loop of the river when we stopped for lunch about a mile before Nanny Creek.

Almost to Nanny Creek.

This kind of trail wasn’t too bad. The rocks were fairly compacted and didn’t roll very much.

The little sticks were worse than the rocks in some ways. They rolled less predictably, and long ones could snap up and try to trip me.

It was so early when we got to Nanny Creek we decided to go on. The goal was to avoid crossing the river in the morning first thing. We weren’t sure where exactly we would camp, but we were confident we could find something.

Ambrose went around this one. I went under. 

Pretty good trail as long as the grasses doesn’t get too long.

Looking up at the ridgeline.

I found an awesome campsite below the trail. Of course, with my ankle issues, I asked Ambrose to go check it out before heading down myself. He found it to be usable – and previously used. Secret Camp! The only drawback was it wasn’t very close to water access. 

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