Coming back to civilization after a 7 day backpacking trip is strange. I no longer have to wake up at 5:15 and immediately pack up everything and carry it to the next destination. There are so many people around and I may, at any moment, need to interact with them. Fewer critter sightings (although I did see a cat and two kittens this morning that I think might be feral or at least homeless on the way back from crossfit).

My husband and I have also been experiencing some gastrointestinal discomforts that began soon after we got home. I’m kind of glad we’re both having it, but it still feels pretty awful.

There were days on the hike when I felt clear headed and ready to write and others that I felt muzzy and uncertain again. I want to get working on my solo book, but I’m not making the time for it. And I’m not making the time for it in part because by the time I’m done with my day job I just want to sleep. Maybe I can take a short nap after work and then feel more like writing.

But I’ll probably wait to try that until after this, ahem, discomfort clears up. It’s probably an allergic reaction to work.

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