I feel pretty good about the first revision of my second story for class. And that’s actually a bit of a problem. Somehow, I need to do additional revision on it. I need to take it beyond and do something that pushes the story out of my comfort zone. 

It was good to hear last night at class that it would be okay for the story not to be absolutely finished when we handed it in for the final portfolio. He wants more of something that will show that we are trying to push the story past our own limits. 
Even though I don’t really like revision, I think I managed to improve the story using the feedback of the small group. But to improve it again? It’s already there – it’s where I want it to be. 
And so I’m going to try something radical. I’m going to make some big changes, not because I think they’ll improve the story, but for the sake of trying them. Change the tense, change the point of view character, change something, everything. I’ll do my best to take the story into a completely new place, even if I don’t like it. 

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