Well. Last week, I was getting settled in to a new routine of working out at 7 am and I was so happy at how I had adjusted to the new schedule and it was working for me.

So, of course, things had to change.

Enough people complained about the 7 am zoom workout time that they moved it to 6 am. I hadn’t even thought of complaining about 7 am! I just set about adapting to it. Silly me!

But 6 am felt worse somehow than 5 am. See, when I go to a 5 am class, I’m getting up at 4:30, drinking a yogurt drink and heading out to get my sweat on. I’m back a little after 6, which gives me time to eat and shower before getting dressed and ready to leave for work at about 7:30 am. 10 to 15 minute bike ride to work, then 10 to 15 minutes chilling at my desk before I start working.

With working from home, I had a pretty good system all set up for 7 am workout. It was working. I was starting to feel comfortable. But then I had to adapt again. So. New schedule.

Alarm goes off at 5:30 (which means I’m not getting ready for bed until 9, bonus); I get up, have my yogurt drink and prep for at-home workout. After the workout, I sometimes do an additional tabata or some technique work, then shower, then eat, then get ready for work. I left out the tooth brushing step at least once last week, but for the most part, I’m getting used to this. Universe, please, no more workout schedule changes for a while?

Arbor has also started offering some additional classes in the evenings. I don’t normally do evening workouts, but I have so far done the stretching & trivia class and the core class, and I’ll probably keep doing them. It’s an extra workout for my day, and I don’t feel like I’m paying Arbor for nothing. Although, I would pay them for nothing for as long as I could afford to in the hopes that they come back when this is all over. Even though a Zoom class isn’t the same, and I’m not getting to do a number of the things that I love doing, and am used to doing, it gets me moving in the morning, and that’s super important right now.

I have slacked off on the athlete challenges, but I might jump back in. I’ve been feeling extra tired and run down the past couple weeks. Getting out of bed in the morning to work out is not exactly what I want to be doing (sleeping all day sounds nice), but I’m getting it done. And I always feel better afterwards.

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