Usually, in our apartment, Ambrose is in charge of the media. I get to make suggestions or pick the show, but only when he decides to give up the remote. Most Saturday mornings, we get a selection of electronic music from YouTube, because that’s what he prefers to listen to.

But a few Saturdays ago, I managed to do a little takeover.

I had heard about the whole Tool vs Taylor Swift thing, and I decided I wanted to listen to some Tool. Rather than using YouTube, which would have required me to sign in, potentially wasting enough time to allow Ambrose to usurp the controls, I went to the Vevo app on the Roku player.  But for some reason, every time I tried to select a Tool video, the app crashed me back to the Roku homescreen.

So I listened to some other music, rock mostly, mostly from the late 90’s. And then, when the groceries were all put up and it was clear that Ambrose was not going to steal the remote back, I did sign onto YouTube and finally listened to some Tool.

But I also listened to a bunch of other songs, and sang along. It was relaxing for me, and I’m thinking of making Saturday morning sing-a-longs a thing.

All I need to do is distract Ambrose while he’s bringing in the groceries…

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