Ambrose is ready to go despite the clouds. 

So am I!

Heading out to Skillern from Big Smoky Canyon Campground .

The water’s higher than I remember from previous years, but we don’t have to cross it. 

This is a new feature of the trail. 

Ambrose crosses Calf Creek. 

Hard to tell from the picture, but it’s started to rain. 

Raining enough that we put on our pack covers. Mine is improvised from my bird seed bag seat because I forgot to make sure I had a big trash bag for that purpose packed. Whoops!

Something odd about this sign… 

I took a break under the tree to the left to get out of the rain before heading up the high road. 

Ambrose heading up towards Poison Creek.

That tiny red dot is Ambrose coming down off the high road. 

Skillern Creek required a boots off crossing this time. 

We made it to the campsite before anyone else and claimed the stone chair spot. It’s a bit different now that a huge tree trunk has split off. 

I got cold and grumpy in the rain. How now, when the clouds were so darn close to us you could practically reach out and touch them? 

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