Heading for a morning dip in the hot spring. 

It’s definitely still hot. 

Looking up at the trail on the route to the pool. 

If I didn’t know there was a pool around the corner, I might not walk this way.

Ambrose knows where the pool is. 

The hot water cascading down into the smaller-than-I-remember-but-still-satisfying pool. 

I don’t remember if this sign for Skillern Hot Springs used to be here or not. 

The water is definitely running higher than I’ve seen before. 

Ambrose red-dy to head for the car. 

Some of my favorite flowers near Skillern Creek. 

Skillern Creek is also flowing pretty high. 

A lovely day for a hike – quite unlike our hike out. 

The view from the high road of the trail. 

Here I haven’t yet realized that I need to plug the drain with the wooden dowel provided at what used to be a secret and hidden roadside hot spring… 

But now it is labeled by a sign. It’s still a nice treat, but now I can’t make the spring a surprise for anyone like my first visit was. 

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