I’ve got all the pieces of my book ready to put together, but I got sick last week and got absolutely nothing done over the weekend. Ambrose, however, was finally feeling well enough to finish his last edit read-through. He’ll be doing a final pass once I put everything together, but that’s more about catching typos than making major changes. 

I’ll also be sending the final draft to Bill, since he is in the book. I think it’s important that folks heavily featured in my books are allowed to read through and have veto power over what I write about them. Also, his wife used to edit for a living, and I really appreciate her remarks when it comes to usage and consistency. 

I think, as long as I can stay healthy-ish, I can have that copy ready before this Sunday. I just need to set aside some time and energy for it. Unfortunately, work is really sucking my thinking energy right now, because it’s evaluation season and I’m training up a new employee for a position that is so far from rote and regular that it’s tricky to organize training. It’s a lot of hands-on and live training on problems as they come up. But even 30 minutes a day on weekdays should set me up to really push through on Saturday and drag it across the finish line on Sunday. 

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. And I can feel myself procrastinating a bit, because once this book is done, I’m determined to write my self care book and get that out. Even if part of me feels like that book is just stupid and people will hate it and I have no standing to write it. Screw those attitudes. I have an idea, and I want to write about it, and maybe some people will find it useful. 

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