Starting out from Dry Saddle, heading south.

Just a light touch of haze in the morning.

More water along the trail than I expected.

Heading up to Sheep Hill Lookout.

Conditions progressed through the day from light haze to moderate smoke.

Finally! Got the Salmon River!

Nice log crossing over a side stream.

A section where the trail veers away from the river so houses can have the view.

If I had know I could drive here, I might have done a different route…

Smoky views on the Salmon.

The oasis that is Historic Campbell’s Ferry.

Started out early on day 3.

The smoke was still a factor and dried me out.

There weren’t too many downed logs across this part of the trail.

Nor was there a lot of water – I was so happy to see this stream!

Night 3’s site. I had a late start on day 4.

Trail reroute! I took the one to the right.

This is about the brightest the sun was all day long.

It seemed to take a long time to get to Chamberlain Air Strip.

But get there I did.


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