Well, I did indeed get my ten miles in last week, by the skin of my teeth. I had an eye appointment on Thursday, and while I could have tried to get my run in after, I decided against it since my eyes had been dilated. And I was trying out new contact lenses. 

But I did finish up last week’s running with a 2.35 mile run on Saturday, which gave me my first 10 mile week of the year. Unfortunately, the next day I didn’t feel so well, so I didn’t set myself up for success for a second week of 10 miles. And then, on Tuesday, I felt even worse, so no 10 miles this week. 

I know I can do it when I stay healthy, even when the temperature is cold enough to discourage me from going outside at all. Now I just need to stay healthy for more than a week or so at a time and I’ll be set. Though I’m not positive that I’m going to get enough miles to get to a full 10 mile run before backpacking season. That’s okay. I’m good with running 5, and that means I can backpack 10. Running 10 should give me enough endurance to last through the rough trails that I’m going to be hiking this summer. But even running 7 or 8 will also help with that, since I don’t plan on doing days longer than 10 miles. 

Plan being the operative word there. 

So this week is lost to recovery, but there’s next week. If I bounce back quick, I should be able to get a short run in tomorrow and then start next week right on Sunday with a nice long run. I think I could still aim for 6 or so miles on that one, having only lost one week this time. 

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