After backpacking season has ended, in late September or early October, depending on when I get that last segment of the ICT done, I am going to start training for my next Spartan Race.

I am going to purchase a personal training session or two and use it to get a series of exercises that I can do on my own on a regular basis to train my upper body. Preferably a three day a week kind of thing with accessory work and skill specific stuff like I did for pull ups. I’ll do my best to do three days a week of that until I start tapering in June.

In January, when there’s a New Year’s sale, I’ll purchase my race.

Once the race is purchased, and I’m committed to it, I’ll start dropping in to the local obstacle course training gym once a month. They have a Saturday obstacle course race session, and I’m hoping that getting experience on various apparatuses will help me gain the confidence to do them on the Spartan Race. Once a month, because that stuff ain’t cheap.

So I’ll have my strength sessions and obstacle sessions through June. Continuing with Crossfit, of course, for general fitness.

And I will go back to that course and I will ring one of those damn cowbells.

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