I was hoping to get more writing done than I did after getting back from the Olympic Coast. I wanted to start writing the trip up and get a good start on the next Hike with Me book.

At first, I was recovering. Absorbing the experience of having backpacked for 9 straight days. And then, I started to feel ill. My head felt fuzzy and muzzy and I just didn’t feel like writing. Never quite sick enough to miss work, and I kept up with exercising because I often find that makes me feel better. But I neglected the writing.

It was easy to neglect. Get home from a long day of focusing on work stuff and just relax. Or go to bed early. Or do some more exercise. Just nothing that required too much thought, please. Or sitting at the writing desk, which isn’t set up as ideally as I’d prefer but until I come into some money that’s earmarked for a new computer, that won’t change.

I got my blogs done and posted, because I’ve got a streak. It isn’t as impressive as a daily blog streak, but I have been doing two blogs per week for something like four years now? I started this blog in 2013, but only averaged 1 post per week for the first year. And it was some time in the middle of that when I started the hiking blog. So, it’s hard to tell exactly how long this streak is. It depends on the definition I choose.

But I’ve been writing, on this blog, on a regular basis for a good long time. I write these blogs even when I don’t feel like it because of that darn streak. I don’t want to lose it. Even on the rare occasions when I forget to post one by the 8:15 am Wednesday “deadline” I have never gone more than a day without posting something backdated to that correct time.

When I’ve gone on a streak of writing, I’ve felt that same urgency to keep it up. But it is incredibly difficult to write to a streak while backpacking. Because usually, it’s about getting to a certain number of words, and that means handwriting, then counting, then transcribing when I get home. It’s doable, I’ve done it, I just don’t like it.

So I didn’t write much after the coast trip. And I might not write much between the Chamberlain trip and the Spangle Lake trip. But after the season is over, I want to push myself to do those hiking write ups at 1000 words per day again and get them done. I want to be prepped for my books by the end of October and start getting them out in November. Three Hike with Me books by December 31st is the challenge, and I have to get in gear to get it done.

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