The other week I was at the Open Hour at Crossfit and the place was nearly deserted. Something about a less full gym and a coach with no one else to pay attention to got me to trying things. Well, one of the women I was working out with was working on toes to bar, and I have been trying, informally, to link toes to bar.

I’d gotten to the point where I could do a very slow but steady kind of pace. Not really linking, because I paused at the back and wasn’t getting a good push with my arms. But before open hour started, I’d tried toes to rings, and something about the swinging, I think, gave my body an idea.

Because when I hopped up on the bar to try toes to bar linked, I did it. I linked two toes to bar together with a nice fast kipping motion.

So then the coach said I had to do it again while she took a video.

And I got five! The first one was a little messy, but I recovered and kept kicking that bar. Now I just need to try for those linked kipping pull ups again and see how far I can get now that I’m improving those linking skills in general.

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