The last time I went to a Crossfit class with box jumps, I couldn’t attempt them. I was still too scared. It was a partner workout, and the person that I was partnered with told me that they had also had an incident with box jumps back in October.

That person confidently assured me that I couldn’t do the box jumps because I would be too afraid, because the my mind wouldn’t let me.

Even though I couldn’t do it that day, I resolved at that moment to prove that person wrong. Maybe they couldn’t get over their box jump issues, but that didn’t mean that their hang-ups were my hang-ups. My box jump injury had happened just a few weeks previously! There’s no way I’d let it turn into months. No way!

But for a while, I didn’t know how to get over it. I looked up information on how to get over fear of box jumps. I read posts and articles. I watched videos. Even with all of that, I needed to practice. I managed to convince my husband to let me try jumping onto the bed (but I didn’t), but then the Rec Center brought in the jump platforms.

I’m using the platforms to get used to the motion of jumping successfully, and I’m pretty sure that the height that I’m jumping is comparable to the height of the boxes at Crossfit.

I did 2 sets of 20 jumps today.

I really need to thank that person…

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