So last night my husband is bustling around looking for his workout shorts. He knows he washed them, because he wanted to run today. They weren’t in the washer or the dryer, and they weren’t in the clean laundry pile (where they should be, since I hadn’t put laundry up yet). He was looking and looking, and I decided to join in. I started, sensibly, by checking his drawer, even though he insisted that they couldn’t be there.

Ta da!

I handed them over and sat down on the couch. I could see him from there, but only intermittently since some shelving is between us. He thanked me for finding the shorts and said, “Now, I’ve just got to find my glasses!”

I glanced up, caught a glimpse of his face and doubled over laughing.

The laughter was actually painful, because I’d given my abs some hard work the last couple days. Painful, but I couldn’t stop, because when I caught that glimpse of his face, I saw two dark circles around his eyes. AKA his glasses. On his face. Not propped on his forehead, not on a chain around his neck. Wearing them. I was going to tell him, as soon as I stopped laughing. . .

I felt a little bad for laughing so much, but he took it in good humor – once he figured out where they were!

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