When it comes to slaying the monsters within, no one can fight for you. It would be great if you could get someone else to fight your monsters for you – so much easier! But the moment someone else tries to be your Champion and slay one of your monsters, you will become defensive and actively fight against their efforts.


Because they’re your monsters. Part of their function is to convince you that they are you, an integral part of you without which you cannot function. The only person who can discern them and slay them is you.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get help when you set off to slay those oh-so-personal monsters. In fact, I highly recommend having support when you intend to monster slay. But the support is external. Like, someone to carry your gear, and help you put on your armor for battle. A squire, if you will.

The role of the squire can be pivotal. While not everyone needs or has a squire, when you have one, you can take more leaps, because you have that support to rely on. You just need to remember that the squire is not there to fight the monsters, let alone slay them. The squire is there for you, yes, to support you in your slaying journey, but you are the slayer.

A squire should be able to provide support, care and love. An example of support is discussing tactics and reminding the slayer when they’re starting to stray into a downward spiral. Care and love are pretty self explanatory; when we know that someone cares about what we are doing, and that someone loves us no matter what, then we can be more confident about slaying those monsters. Because your squire won’t let you stop being who you are. 

The squire provides grounding. A link between the self that you are and the self that you wish to be. 

A squire is a cheerleader, and always on your side. 

But they cannot do the work. 

Squiring someone through monster slaying is like helping a friend study for a test. You can drill them, study with them, recommend various tips, tricks and techniques. But when it comes time to actually take the test, you cannot help. You can’t even watch.

The reward is in the results.

In the slaying of monsters that will allow slayer and squire to have a deeper relationship, without monsters getting in the way. 

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