When my husband comes off the trail, he comes off hungry. And when he is hungry, he is irritable.

I know this. And yet, knowing this, I could not support a business that hung a sign I found problematic. I’m a consumer, and I have a right to choose with my wallet. Even if that means my husband is cranky for several hours in the car while we drive to the next nearest town with services.

See, this particular establishment, in an Idaho town small enough that there aren’t other dining options, found it necessary to hang on their outside wall a sign. It’s a simple sign, with a background of an American flag and the phrase, “Deplorables Welcome!” emblazoned upon it.

We ate there once, and it wasn’t bad. The service wasn’t great, and they did try to give my food to someone else, but I don’t think it was intentional. They were busier than they had staff for at the time. But I got to thinking after that.

In a county that went over 68% for Trump, this establishment, the sole establishment selling eat and drink in this unincorporated community, feels the need to call out the fact that “deplorables” aka Trump voters, aka mostly white republicans, are welcome.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single place in the entire state of Idaho where a so-called deplorable would be unwelcome. Idaho is a majority republican state and a majority white state. Perhaps these deplorables would feel uncomfortable in a gay bar in Boise. But they wouldn’t necessarily be unwelcome by the establishment itself.

Why the call out, here, of all places? I mean, aren’t these the kind of people that like to respond to the “Black Lives Matter” movement with “All Lives Matter? And if all lives matter, then why not a sign reading, “Everyone Welcome!”? Are there so many radical leftists controlling this community that the downtrodden deplorables need a “safe space”?

Of course! As someone who completely supports safe spaces for those who feel they need them, it seems that I have no choice but not to support this establishment with my dollars, because I would be disturbing their safe space. Sure, my husband was hungry and cranky, but some people need their safe spaces, especially deplorables in Idaho.

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