I’ve finally finished writing up the Chamberlain Basin trip that I took with my husband. I’m still picking away at that story that I didn’t finish over the summer, but I’m going to continue poking along with the fiction and put my mind to writing up my solo trip for my next book.

Of course, I’m also studying Spanish, and quickly feeling like I’m losing all confidence that I gained from the Duolingo app. The app was good to get me to a point of being able to understand and converse, but in class we’re starting to learn the imperfect subjunctive, which depends on knowing the preterite to form and knowing both imperfect and preterite to use in a complete sentence.

On the plus side, I’m continuing to grasp what I see on Duolingo better when I do daily practice sessions. But I still don’t feel like I have a solid grasp on preterite or imperfect. And when I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, then I get frustrated.

And I’ve also started a nutrition challenge through my cross fit gym. 30 days of going low carb. The mere thought is terrifying. I like carbs. I like bread. A lot. But I’m going to try and see what I can do in those 30 days. I’ve got a starting weight, a goal, and, most importantly, I’ve got my husband on board. He won’t be going as strict as I will, but he will be cooking meals that fit into my challenge and supporting me through the inevitable sugar withdrawal.

I’ll just use the solo hike write up to distract me from how frustrated I am in Spanish class, studying Spanish to distract me from my sugar withdrawal and my withdrawal symptoms to distract me from how late I am in starting the solo hike write up.

It’s all going to work out…

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