Back at the trailhead first thing in the morning. 

A creek crossing with some logjam assist.

I wasn’t sure if the trail crossed or continued, so I climbed up and got a better view. It crossed. 

A left at the junction towards Stanley Lake. The hand on the left belongs to a Boy Scout. 

The Lookout Peak junction where my path diverged from the Boy Scouts.

Leaving the Sawtooth Wilderness Area.

Fern Falls that-a-way, says the sign. Sure, I’ll go take a look, why not, says I.

Why not? Because it’s a lot of steep climbing and I’m tired. But this was a nice shot.

The day was overcast, but the trail was flat.

I banished the rain by putting a cover on my pack.

Ambrose waiting for me where the trail met the road.

Then he drove me to the lake shore where I took a dip in Stanley Lake to cool off before we headed home.

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