I have been avoiding eating most vegetables and fruits in their whole, raw form for a while now. I believed that fiber would be bad for my digestion, because that was literally the only real answer I’d gotten from numerous gastroenterologists. But I decided to try getting my body and digestive system into better shape. I’ve been slowly adding more fiber, in gentle forms like Cheerios, and peeled apples. 

But Monday, I decided to really go for it with one of my favorites. I decided to eat a tomato, lovely and ripe. It was a generous size, a large handful for me, and I ate it like an apple. Skin and seeds and all. 

I chewed thoroughly and savored every bite. I half expected an immediate protest from my stomach, but none came. It went down fine, and I felt fine the rest of the day. I’m still kind of waiting for something to happen, for some rejection of that delicious treat, but it hasn’t come yet. 

I’m still going to take it slow, but I’m feeling more confident now. Slowly, slowly, I’m going to get vegetables back. 

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