My hands don’t look very nice this week. I’ve got some garish red spots at the bases of my right index finger and left ring finger. Yellowish calluses stand out a bit on the other fingers, or pinkish craters where I’ve shaved them off. My palms display little tears and my left thumb has a slightly deeper tear with some red accented skin splits.

And this state of my hands, this not very pretty, rather painful in a stingy way state, makes me happy. I did 85 pull ups (not strict) on Friday and, rather than tearing the skin off of my hands, I only got two blisters.

And some soreness.

But no bleeding! No serious tearing. By which I mean tearing that results in bleeding. It turns out, using the callus shaver and paying attention to my hands has really helped keep them in good shape. Well. In a shape less destructible than they used to be, let’s say.

I skipped crossfit on Monday to let my hands heal a bit more before putting them back to vigorous usage, but I went on Tuesday and tested them with kettle bell snatches and rowing. Still, no serious tears. Then I did my day 1 pull up workout, which was a bit more stressful. I ended up using tape on my left ring finger callus to protect it from being torn, but my right hand survived.

Sure, sometimes I end up cutting myself with the callus shaver. Not only does that hurt, but my husband teases me about it. But overall, using it has been a great benefit. 
My hands might look ugly, but I’m feeling good.

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