Every Sunday, I cook breakfast. Ambrose cooks pretty much every other meal that we share, so that’s my one meal a week. I have two things that I cook: grits & eggs and omelets. This past Sunday was an omelet day, and, as we typically do, on Saturday night we discussed what I might put in his omelet. 

He brought up the idea of chopping up some apple and putting that in the omelet. I thought that a fresh apple would probably be too juicy for an omelet, so I countered with apple butter. And he agreed, as a kind of wild experiment. 
And so on Sunday, I made him an omelet with some chicken sausage, apple butter and queso cheese. 
You might be wondering, do those flavors even go together? Could they possibly work? In an omelet? 
In a word, yes. 
I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to him, and after I could only get one that was slightly blurred by the fact that he wanted to eat, thank you very much, not have a picture taken of his food. The apple butter in question was actually apple walnut butter, so I like to consider that it’s the omelet version of a chicken apple salad. Fancy! 

Ambrose rated the omelet as “amazing.” Next time, he’d like some pickled jalapeno added, and maybe some cream cheese as well. We’ll see. 

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