Well. They closed all the gyms in Idaho. I figured it was only a matter of time. But, I have the best CrossFit box, and they have started offering classes over Zoom. Which is weird, but also awesome.

I had done a couple of the at home workouts from Arbor on my own last week, but my first Zoom class was on Sunday. I didn’t have my camera activated for that one, because my husband had turned our camera off by default to prevent spying. And, while I could see the advantages of not having everyone see my weird little living space and what I was doing when I couldn’t quite do the movements, I also missed out on getting live encouragement from the coach since he couldn’t see what I was doing. I’ve enabled the camera app for now.

That Sunday class was at 9 am, which is a time that I usually would be working out so that was fine. But the weekday times are quite a bit different from the usual selection of classes. I can’t do a 5 am class anymore (though I could still do the workout at 5 am if I did it on my own). It’s 7 am, noon or 5:30 pm if I want to work out in a group.

That posed some challenges for my normal routine. I want to maintain my routine as much as possible while working out (and working) from home. That means working out in the morning, so I’m taking advantage of the “short commute” from home to home office and doing the 7 am class. But I’m not sleeping in (much). I’m getting up at 5 am, showering, eating breakfast before 6 am so the food has time to settle, and then joining the 7 am class. The class is a bit shorter than the normal hour, so I have about 20 minutes afterwards to do a quick rinse off in the shower, get dressed and sit down at my work desk.

So far, it’s working. I’m getting inspiration and ideas from my fellow athletes as I see what their setups look like at home and I’m helping them, too. I think I got the idea of using a step stool for step ups from some post on Facebook, but someone yesterday morning hadn’t heard about it, so for her, I’m the one who thought of it. It’s a bit tricky to use the step stool rather than a box (very little space for my feet), but it works.

Another change that I’m bringing in with the new routine is frequency. Normally, I take Wednesdays and Saturdays off CrossFit and do a double class on Sunday. No more Open Hour on Sundays, so there’s no way to double up. Instead, I’m adding Wednesdays in and making Saturday and Sunday optional (though I’ll probably still do those because what else am I doing these days?).

Overall, I feel good about settling into the new workout routine. For exercise release during the work day twice a week, this week I’m staying at home still and just doing little workouts (trying to catch up on my Arbor athlete challenges that I missed being sick last week). Next week, I’m hoping for a run outside around my neighborhood during those times, but it will depend on the weather.

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