I finished up all the stories that I started when I was doing the Depth workshop. Most of them are fairly short. I think one of them is not bad. But I have no idea how to market them or where to put them up for sale. If to put them up for sale. Still, that is one thing that I’ve managed so far with my summer writing challenge.

The other thing I’ve managed is to build a streak. I didn’t find it very difficult to keep up my writing over the long weekend when I was out camping, even though I increased the word count from 100 to 300 for those unconnected days. Actually, with car camping, it’s much easier because I bring my cell phone and use it as a word processor. Backpacking and writing 300 words a day will be much more challenging.

I’ve almost finished a story that I started years ago. I’m going to be going through it a bit to make sure it hangs together, but it is long enough that I think I’ll just publish it. Too long to submit to magazines to sell. Too short to submit to traditional publishing, though I don’t think I’d do that even if I had a suitable piece.

It’s a story that I tried to finish at the end of last summer’s challenge. I didn’t make it then, but it will be finished. I’m going to finish what I start.

Which means I need to get cracking on the write up of my solo hike. I’ve decided that the name of it will be: Hike with Me: Idaho Centennial Trail Nevada to Hammett. Now I just need to write it. Which means making sure I get butt in seat not only for my fiction words but my nonfiction words as well. And if I get that finished up before fall, then I’ll be continuing with fiction through the slow time of winter. Maybe this is the year I get serious about this writing stuff.

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