I’ve got my proof copy in for the latest Hike with Me book, Idaho Centennial Trail Frank Church Finale. This is a big one, as I knew it would be. Poor Ambrose had to ration his time reading it because holding the book up wore his wrist out. He has finished his read through; I now need to do a read through, and then input all the corrections to the large print file. 

Once all the corrections are made, I’ll be doing a save as on the Word document to create the standard print. And then a save as on the standard print to create the ebook version. I’ll need to do a little fiddling with the cover to create the standard print sized cover, and a bit more fiddling to create the ebook cover, but it’s really just about finished. Just a matter of a day’s work or so. 
Then I need to really settle into writing the ICT Challenge book about the two day hikes I took north of the Magruder Corridor. That book will be a small one. It might be the smallest one, but we’ll see. I do have that one other short one where I was connecting from Stanley Lake to the Middle Fork of the Salmon. I have gotten that one started, and I even wrote 1000 words on Sunday. But then I started feeling sick again and I haven’t gotten back to it since. 
But I know I can settle right into writing 1K per day and get that one knocked out in two weeks or less. The photo process should be similarly quick, and the cover should be quicker than the last one just because I did one recently. I’m hoping to get this second one out no later than the end of April so I can be ready to write about my new adventures once backpacking season starts. 
Actually, I’m hoping to write about early spring car camping first this season. We’ll see if we can find some open and accessible campsites in April and early May, and get ourselves sleeping in the woods well before we can start our backpacking. 

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