Last year, I wasn’t as on the ball with my book writing as I wanted to be. I forgive myself for this, because I was still dealing with my mom’s passing, and her memorial service was just last November. It threw off my game, and I let it. 

This year, I want to be getting the book out in time for Christmas. That means I have to really focus on the writing and get that done asap. I’m not planning on starting the writing of the book until I finish up the blog posts for the last trips of the summer, and so those are going to be what I’m hammering on to start. 

My hope is to finish the blogs before 10/1. That way I can start October and just write my little heart out. I know I can do 1000 words a day, even on days when I’m tired or feeling crappy or have a headache. I just need to focus and hold myself to that goal. 

To get the blogs finished, I’m going to be working up to 1000 words a day. That should give me some time to get into the habit of daily writing. 

Given the average length of my books, 1000 words a day in October will allow me to finish by the end of the month. Then I can work on the photos in early November and, with enough hard work, get the books published by the end of November. Mail-wise, that might mean late Christmas gifts, but that’s only because I ship them to myself first for signing. 

While I’m doing that, I also want to try to move my blog over to my own website. I’m getting really tired of how awkward Blogger has made it to add photos. And sometimes they completely reverse the order of photos I uploaded which is a HUGE pain to fix now. It will be better for my “brand” if I am on my own website anyway. That is part of why we bought the website, after all. I just (sensing a theme here?) need to put in the work! 

I’ve started the work, with some good writing days to start this week. I just need to keep the momentum going and sit down to write every day. Writing isn’t physically strenuous, and I know what I’m going to be writing. Just my trip, and it’s actually quite wonderful to relive those journeys, especially when I don’t have to deal with the actual footsoreness and I have access to running water and modern plumbing. 

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