I am still writing the book. I didn’t expect to still be writing at this point in the month. I thought I’d be finished closer to 20,000 words, since that’s how much I’ve typically written for these books. 

But I find myself blazing past 30,000 with some more stories yet to tell. I don’t know how long this book is going to end up being, but it will be my longest to date. 

I’m thinking about whether I should try and deliberately reduce the number of pictures I include for the sake of the overall length. The longer the books are, the more they cost to produce and the higher the minimum price I have to set is. I wish I could make the paper copies affordable, but I’d have to make them black and white to appreciably affect the price. I’m just not ready to do that. 

The book will be as long as it is, but once I finish the writing, I’ve got to get a move on the next steps while Ambrose does a read through. It isn’t looking like I’ll have the books out in time for Christmas presents, but I might be able to finish them before the new year. 

Depends on how many words I end up writing, I suppose. 

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