My artisan books, with their full color photos and variety of font sizes, along with unique, one-of-a-kind typo corrections written in by the author, have been shipped across the country to their intended recipients. They probably won’t arrive for a while, since I used media mail, which is a cheap shipping option for books through USPS.

So now I have no more excuses. That book is complete – and I uploaded revised interiors to all the places that I originally uploaded. I need to get serious about working on the standard print size for the rest of the books and then I need to consider something.

The whole reason I’ve resisted putting my books into expanded distribution is that doing that makes them very expensive. Upwards of $50 a book. And I don’t believe that books should cost that much, so I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to ask someone to pay that much.


Expanded distribution could get my books into libraries. And libraries are a great place for books to be discovered. I mean, I’ve been known to browse the library and find new authors. Although I have a tendency to just reserve whatever book I want and skip the browsing nowadays, I do still sometimes look at the new releases section and browse through science fiction and fantasy, open to new authors that look interesting.

So, I can look at the number of people buying print copies of my books now (mostly, nearly entirely, me), and I can figure that I won’t get many more buyers if the price goes up. But if I could get a book into a library, then it would be available to more people for less money. Someone might browse and find my book and who knows what could happen from there?

Something to think about – as long as I think about it while working on my standard print size editions!

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