Well, I’ve at least gotten started with the captions on the pictures that I chose for my book. I completed Day 0’s captions, eliminating 2 photos during review, and Day 1’s, with 1 photo eliminated during review. Usually, I remove pictures from my original Picks during my review with Ambrose, but this time I realized as I was writing captions that a few of the pictures were redundant. And one I just decided I didn’t want to include; no reason to add another selfie when there are pictures of me taken by others that work better. 

I’m not finding it overly difficult to write captions or choose my shots. My main blocker at this point is just getting started. Although I did manage to pick up a little cold, so that’s not exactly helping with my motivation. I know that I’ll get on a roll with this at some point, I just need to keep putting myself in the position to get on that roll. 

And once the captions are done, it’s smooth sailing. Just slap it all together and get it uploaded, essentially. Well, there are three or four separate versions that need to be slapped together and uploaded to at least two different sites. But the principle holds, because slapping together is not the hard part. Nor uploading, at least as long as they haven’t changed anything. 

Oh! But I do still need to select my cover photos. One for front and one for back… I’ll need to be keeping an eye out as I work through the photos to see which ones stand out as exemplary of the amazing trip. Probably something near Chamberlain and something from Big Creek, but I’ll have to wait and see which ones call to me. 

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