I got to see a Blackhawks game! Thanks, Dad!

There are no Dunkin’ Donuts in Idaho. I missed them. 

A whole store of Nutella… there was a line coming out the door.

I got excited by weird things in the grocery store – like this barrel of pickles. 

And also how the candy shelves at the checkout have their own lights.

It was very rainy.

I got my kolacky fix. I swear, if someone would just start making these in Idaho, they’d catch on. 

We got to see the Daily Show Undesked! Again, thanks Dad and also thank you to John Schmitz.

I did not take great pictures of the experience.
I blame my camera phone.
I circled us in the audience. Ambrose’s hair definitely sticks out in the crowd. 
There’s that hair again – my kind of blends into the darkness. 
That one’s a bit clearer 🙂 What an incredible experience!

My dad told my husband that his cat wouldn’t drink water out of her bowl. Proof! Coco can and does drink water out of her bowl. 

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