I take a shake to work most mornings as a morning snack. It’s a healthy snack that’s portion controlled and fairly tasty. The specific brand is Aloha; it’s vegan and organic and all sorts of other good things. The key factors for my tastes are that they do not include artificial sweeteners or too much sugar. My husband mixes the shake up for me using an almond/coconut milk blend. He rotates through the flavors pretty randomly.

And the other day, he decided to “mix” things up by combining the chocolate flavor with the banana flavor.

This is the review that I gave him:

The theory behind chocolate banana is a sound one. Chocolate is good. Banana is good. Chocolate and banana together typically form a harmonious whole – though I’ve never been fond of the frozen chocolate covered banana personally, since everything just gets so hard.

With this chocolate banana shake, we have an added complicating factor of the almond/coconut milk, which has its own delicate flavor to contribute.

Overall, the flavor combination certainly exceeds the palatability of the vanilla, which I consider the worst of the Aloha flavors. It even exceeds the pleasant flavor of chocolate alone, and also the disappointment of the banana flavor mixed with water.

However, it falls short of the delight of pure banana mixed with almond/coconut milk, which remains the champion of the Aloha flavors.

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