I did see today’s WOD last night, but I wasn’t too concerned about it. I have faith by now that I can finish, even if I need to modify and use less weight than almost everyone else. I was more worried about getting up at 5am and then making it to work on time. It seemed to take me forever to fall asleep. Then, I kept waking up in the night, thinking it was time to get up when it was only midnight or 3am. I felt hollow and exhausted when the alarm did buzz me awake, but I got moving and ate part of a protein bar before heading over to my Crossfit gym.

We had to do the inch worm to warm up this morning, so I felt my shortness, but there were enough people there to conceal how slow I felt. There were like ten people there (my math isn’t too solid that early), which is more than twice as many as were at the 6:30pm class last night. I half thought that it wouldn’t be so well attended, being that it was way too early to be awake and working out, in my opinion.

The skill portion was working on power cleans – another movement that I have to remind my knees to stay out for. I think I have a better grasp on how to do those properly, but I know I need more work, more practice before I can up the weight I’m lifting significantly.

Today’s WOD was finally one of those with a name. I had read about Crossfit workouts being given female names, but my gym hadn’t done one since I joined. I wasn’t sure if it just wasn’t something that they did, or if I just hadn’t encountered one yet. Well, today, we did “Diane.”

– Deadlift (225/155)

Of course, I am not yet able to do deadlifts at 155 pounds. (Actually, I’m not sure if that’s physically possible – can you deadlift more than your body weight?) The last time I did deadlifts, on Saturday, I did them at 65lbs. So today I decided to try for something harder and do 75lbs. It was difficult to lift the bar at that weight, but not impossible.

I did the hand stand push ups with the box assistance again by resting my thighs on the box and going as straight down as possible to mimic the hand stand part of the push up. I was tempted to try a real hand stand push up, but not tempted enough to actually do it.

It doesn’t take nearly as long to complete the workout when the hand stand push ups are modified and the deadlifts are under 100 pounds. I was second to finish (4:38), but my heart was pounding and I knew I had pushed myself. Just a little bit more each time, and maybe by the end of my month I’ll do one at the “RX” – the prescribed weight.

The gym is closed tomorrow for New Year’s Day. My body is happy for a rest day.

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