I went back.

I didn’t go Wednesday because I went to see a hockey game, but, despite lingering soreness and nervousness regarding the current WOD (workout of the day), I went back for the Thursday noon class.

5 Rounds for time:
– 10 Knees to elbow
– 10 Box jumps
– 10 Wallball

Foolishly, I was most worried about the knees to elbow part, since that involved hanging from a bar and driving the knees up to touch the elbows. I didn’t think twice about the box jumps or wallball. But when I started, the modification for knees to elbows, knees to armpits, wasn’t that hard. I mean, it was hard. It got me fluttering and nervous.

But then I was facing the 20″ box, and, for some reason that I can’t quite figure out, I was really scared of it. I stared at it and tried to get myself to jump, but I felt weak all over and it didn’t seem possible. The coach came over and talked to me about technique and asked if I had or could jump that high. I’m not really sure what he said, I’m totally beat right now. But I did a practice jump and then forced myself to get to the box and almost fell off backwards trying to stand up.

He got me to stand closer and I was able to finish the set, but every rep was scary and difficult.

The wallball wasn’t any easier. I started with a ten pound ball and switched out to an eight pound ball after the first round. I had a hard time getting the technique down, going into the low squat with the hips back and using the hips to thrust the ball almost straight up and catching it while going back down into the next squat.

By the third set, I felt beat up, but I kept pushing. The knees to armpits was getting harder, but the box jump was getting, well, not easier, but less scary. I was able to get a few reps of hopping down and then right back up instead of stepping down.

By the fifth set, I was almost the last one still going. And while I was finishing my box jumps, the second to last person finished. I was really glad at this point that we had introduced ourselves at the beginning of class with how long we’d been doing Crossfit, so I wouldn’t feel quite so awkward at my performance being so slow. And I didn’t feel awkward, I didn’t have time to feel anything as I pushed myself to finish as strong as I could, listening to the rest of the class count down my wallballs and shout encouragement.

12:19 with an eight pound ball, but I finished.

And then I went to the gym with Ambrose and did a two mile run, followed by some stationary biking just to keep myself from getting stiff and then went to the bouldering cave and climbed a bit before soaking my weary bones in the hot tub.

I feel like an athlete today.

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