This morning I slept straight through to the alarm. I think riding my bike to work added just enough to my exercise routine to make me extra-tired.

So tired, that I misread the number of double unders we were going to be doing. I looked and saw “10” and then when I got to the gym, it turned out the actual number was 50.

I did think that the 10 would be too easy. . .

3 Rounds for time:
– 10 Over Head Squats
– 50 Double Unders

We began with warming up, as usual. The class was not as crowded as yesterday – I think there were 17 people yesterday, more like a dozen today. It still seems to be a lot of people to me that are willing to get up so early. And most of them probably live a lot farther from the gym than I do. I don’t even want to think about what time they have to get up!

The skill portion was more snatch work: snatch deadlift, snatch pull, hang power snatch and hang snatch. 5 sets of singles. I did 2 rounds with just the 15 pound bar, then added 5 pound plates, and then switched to 10 pound plates for a total of 35 pounds. Part of the difficulty with these movements is that the grip is so wide set. I have to put my hands out so far that it just feels weird. But part of the reason for doing these light single sets is to get used to the motion and the form and get over the awkwardness.

And the overhead squats for the timed portion also use that grip, so it also got us ready for that. Somewhat ready. I decided to go with 25 pounds total on my bar for the overhead squat. I wanted to make sure I kept good form, and I’m babying my back just a little bit. Yesterday’s partner deadlift ganked my lower back, and I can feel that it is still sore. Not sore enough to keep me from working out, but sore enough that I want to be careful.

The double under substitute was 150 singles.

I actually have started to enjoy jumping rope. But doing 450 jumps before breakfast? That’s more than a little crazy.

So I guess I have to figure out the double under. And I want to. But I haven’t yet. So I did 450 jumps, in 3 sets of 150, with my overhead squats interspersed.

I finished in 7:20 and threw down my rope. I tried to give it a little kick, but I missed. I felt tired, but not exhausted. And, again, there wasn’t really an excuse to yell on these reps. Well, when jumping rope, I find I have little breath left over for things like yelling. Maybe yelling could help me figure out the double unders…

I was not the last to finish, so I chatted with another person that I had not seen before about the weights we used and how light they were. I repeated the advice I had been given about building slowly and with patience.

Once everyone was finished, we cleaned up and stretched and I headed home. I must have been more tired and worn out than I realized, because it wasn’t until I had showered and eaten breakfast that I realized I had forgotten to write my name and time on the chalkboard. D’oh!

I know there are some people who don’t do it, but I like it. I like proving that I did the work, even if it took me a long time, or a short time, or whatever. That I was there, and I did it. I might have to go to the WOD blog and post my time in the comments to make up for my slip.

I rode my bike to work again, and I think one of the things that I’ve learned from Crossfit so far is how to lean in to the discomfort of burning muscles. How to find that inside the pain is another gear, one that you can’t find any other way.

I hope I get another crack at the box jumps this week, but I was glad not to see them this morning…

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