I waited again to check out the WOD until the morning. But it was weird – I had been wondering if the climbing ropes would be used any time soon, and, lo and behold:

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
– 1 Rope Climb
– 20 Sit-ups
– 40 Double unders

I knew that there would be something that I could do besides climbing the rope, but I honestly didn’t know if I could climb a rope or not. I have never tried, not once in my whole life. It wasn’t a part of my school gym classes, and it wasn’t something that I’d ever had opportunity to try on my own. I still don’t know if I can or not, because there really wasn’t enough time to try.

So I did the modification. A rope was hung over one of the pull up bars, and I had the option of bent knees or straight legs as I pulled myself up from the ground, hand over hand, up the rope, and then down the rope. I did bent legs, yelling with every new grip by the third round.

Oh, and I had to do five repetitions, since I was doing the progression instead of the real rope climb. Almost everyone else in the class climbed the rope, but since it was in another room, I couldn’t watch them. I really wanted to watch, but not so much that I wanted to lose time on my own rounds.

I can do sit-ups, no modification needed,  but the modification for double unders was three times as many singles for this class. 120. Or, count attempts at double unders. I did try that at first, trying to do double unders. I think I did one by accident when we were practicing the movement before time started, but I wasn’t sure. And it just got to be too difficult trying to focus on what counts as an attempt, warming up with some singles and then trying a double. So I did singles for most of the rounds.

One nice thing about the AMRAP is that I have no idea how far behind everyone else I’m getting. I thought I was doing well by getting five rounds and two reps into it. But then I saw how many rounds other people were putting up. Nobody I saw had less than six.

But it’s okay. The modifications did take extra time to complete. And I was completely wiped out by the time I finished.

When the time was halfway done, the trainer yelled out that he wanted us to go faster, finish stronger. So I’ve got my answer as to whether it’s good that I speed up as I go through the workout. And I did it again today. It took me nearly half the time to do my first two rounds, and I managed to get through three in the second ten minutes.

The Rec Center didn’t open until noon today, so I got home and took a break from exercising. Then my husband and I went to the Rec. He did his run, and I did mine before heading to the bouldering cave. Every time I go there, I get just a little bit higher, or touch a handhold that was out of reach the last time I tried. Today was no different. And there was a guy using the area, but instead of ignoring me, he actually had some tips, which was nice.

But I didn’t stay too long. My forearms felt (feel) shredded from the rope climb progression.

Tomorrow will just be a WOD again.


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