Hello dark roast my old friend
It’s time to brew you up again
I sure wish that I was sleeping
Instead the faithful grounds are steeping
And the aroma
That is floating through the air
Both bitter and fair
That’s the smell
Of coffee

In all the dreams I left behind
Nothing like this could I find
The only recompense for waking
I can’t believe how long it’s taking
Then I heard my name from the office across the hall
I could not stall
Not yet time
For coffee

And oh my co-worker did speak
For what seemed to be a week
Babbling on about the weather
Acting as if she’d end never
Talking well past the point that I could care
But I did not dare
Follow the smell
Of coffee

“Look” said I “I’ve got to go–
A little pit stop if you must know”
And so to complete my clever ruse
To the bathroom I did go and use
But on my way to get my cup I heard my name
And detoured
From the claims of coffee

To my boss I spoke yet more
Although coffee did implore
But at last we finished talking
And I silenced my cup’s mocking
At last I filled the cup and then sat down with a sigh in my own chair
With no one there
And breathed the smell
Of coffee

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