I’ve got the Chamberlain Basin guide book up for sale on Amazon in both ebook and paperback editions. For now, I’m leaving it exclusive to Amazon, though I’ll probably put the ebook wide at some point. I don’t really have a business plan with my writing at the moment. I create the content, including designing covers and interiors, which are simple, but adequate. I think. I’d rather leave the business part to my husband, but he is busy building computers and robots at the moment.

I guess, in a way, I’m afraid of trying harder to sell things. As long as I’m not trying to sell books, the small amount of sales that I do make feel just right. Less than a dollar a month, well, sure, it’s not like I’m trying to sell books.

If I actually invested myself in trying to sell what I write, instead of just writing and publishing… then I’d have to figure out what to do if the efforts didn’t work. If I invested $100 into advertising or marketing or whatever, and got nothing back, then I’d be really disappointed in $1 per month in sales.

So I’m just going to keep writing what I want to write and build up a catalog of things for sale. And maybe, in time, that will lead to $2 per month in sales. And by the time I retire from my day job, maybe it’ll be up to $5. Which, by that point, probably won’t even be enough to buy me a latte, but maybe I could save it up and start investing in marketing and business plans then.

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