I finished my write-up of the coast trip, keeping to my 1000 words per day even when I really didn’t feel like it. The last day I went over that since I could feel the end and wanted to go ahead and finish. Ambrose has done his preliminary read. After I go over his suggestions, I’ll be sharing it with Bill, since he was on the trip, too.

I almost let go of the streak when I finished the coast story; I figured I would have other things to do and could write the story for the Stanley Lake to Dagger Falls section of the ICT after I caught up on production work. But I changed my mind at the last minute and snuck 1000 words into my evening to get started on my the writing for the 6th book I’m planning to publish this year.

I mean, I did finish the initial captions for the Hammett to Willow Creek book, so I was moving pretty well on production even with 1000 words per day of writing.

In 2018, I’ve already published two small guidebooks. And I’m planning on two ICT books, the coast book and a CrossFit book.

That seemed like a crazy idea when I first thought of publishing that many books in a year. But now that I’m closer to realizing it, I think I can do it. I’ll need to be focused, because the Hike with Me books take a lot of time at the end, but I can get there.

Even if it means pausing on the writing streak once I finish the last write-up.

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