For writing!

The writing is underway. I’d say this is about an average start. I mean, technically, I did start this much earlier, but I haven’t really started pushing myself on it until this past week. 

I know myself. When I have a daily word goal, I get writing done. When I don’t, I don’t. So I’m starting with an easy 500 words per day goal and as I get going, I’ll probably up that to 1000 words per day. I’m hoping to finish the writing of both ICT trips before Thanksgiving, which should give me plenty of time to publish before Christmas. Or be close – it will depend on whether I order physical proofs or rely on the electronic. 

From past experience, no matter how much I review the electronic proofs, I will always miss typos that I’d catch on paper. But hope springs eternal, so I might go ahead and try electronic proofs again this year. It will really depend on how I’m feeling when I’m ready – and when I’m actually ready to make that choice. It’s much easier to choose the physical proof when I’m ready in early December than when I’m ready in late February. 

I also submitted a story to the 4th quarter of Writers of the Future, with about three hours to spare before the 9/30 deadline. I actually had the story ready since July, but I was waiting to see if I wrote a better one. Of course, as soon as I submitted it, I thought of half a dozen ways to improve it, but there’s always next quarter. (Writers of the Future allows you to submit the same story more than once.)

Backpacking season is over. Car camping season is over (for us). It’s time to settle down to the off season pursuits and get these books written. Maybe a few stories while I’m at it. 

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