I kept up with the 100 words per day goal, and managed to finish off my first draft of the Queens River guide book over the weekend. Ambrose has been reading it over and adding comments. My next step is to work on the comments and try to finalize the actual wording before putting it into the template.

I’d like to have the wording as finalized as possible, because I discovered with the Chamberlain trail guide that the 6×9 Word document template doesn’t allow me to take the easy way with placing pictures. I have to place them in exact spots in the text for them to come out right, which means if I change a word, I pretty much have to move all the pictures that come after that word.

There’s also choosing the pictures for the book. I have a wealth of Queens River photos to choose from; it’s going to be a matter of picking what best illustrates the trail and its various side paths. I might use a few from my Queens River solo book, but I don’t want to overuse those. For one thing, I have more recent pictures to choose from. But there are some rather unique pictures illustrating what the aftermath of a storm looks like.

Last time, when I finished drafting my guide book, I moved right on to book production tasks and didn’t keep writing. This time, I decided to keep up the writing, using the same 100 words per day goal. I’m actually working on a story for the first time in many months, and I’m enjoying the process. It helps keep me focused on writing to have that small goal to hit and to meet it each day.

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