The NHL has rolled out the revamping of their online properties, and it isn’t horrible.

For the most part, I can still find what I’m looking for, just not all of what I’m looking for.

I’m still not sure where I go to access the audio for games from the website, though I can find it just fine on the app. I’ve gotten around this by going directly to the radio station’s website, because the only time I want audio on the computer is when I’m blacked out of a Blackhawks game, and I know how to find WGN Radio online.

It’s odd how some of the new features seem designed for less than avid fans while others seem designed with the avid fan in mind to the exclusion of those less so.

On the one hand, my phone sends me reminders when my “Favorite” team has a game, a few hours before it starts. Thank you, NHL App, but I have those games on my calendar. I look at them; I know when one is going to be on. I look forward to when they aren’t blacked out. Why do you remind me of a game I’ve been looking forward to since the last game?

On the other hand, the standings page on the website no longer designates the teams’ conferences in the conference standings, leaving my husband to have to double check with me on the matter of which team is first in the Pacific. Or to switch the view. But those little C’s and P’s and A’s and M’s were helpful.

I think that most of the little things will shake out. I was surprised at the mid-season roll out, but not surprised that there were issues, especially with the broadcasts on the first night. Most of the issues I find I can shrug off.

But there is one that bugs the heck out of me.

On the app, in the Scores area, the app will display the words “Power Play” under the names of both teams when one is on a power play. No, NHL App, no. Only one team is on a power play. Why must I click all the way through to stats to find out which team is on the power play? They cannot both be on a power play!

Fix this!

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