Is there anything worse than being ill over the weekend?

Literally, yes, there are many worse things.

Figuratively, I wish to propose that there is not, having been in that situation this past weekend.

It was supposed to be the weekend that I got back on track with my exercise, having rested a full week after my last backpacking adventure. Instead, I was hardly able to walk to go shopping, let alone go to the gym or Crossfit. Instead of getting all of my work done and more, I got just enough done.

Somehow, I managed to get a cut on the top of my head, most likely from a collision with the trunk door on Friday night after shopping. Although I remember the bump, I didn’t realize that it was a cut until Sunday when I noticed that the itchy spot on my head was shedding red bits, which my husband confirmed was a scab.

I slept and slept and still managed to feel tired. I guess it’s possible that it isn’t an illness, but is instead caused by general being worn out from all the backpacking. But it did feel like an illness, in that just being tired doesn’t usually make me feel like I’m losing my breath while shopping.

I got through work on Friday by the skin of my teeth and spent the two days that I was supposed to be able to use for my own ideas and desires moaning and groaning and being generally useless.

Here’s hoping that next weekend brings a little more in the way of productivity and less in the way of sneezing.

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