One thing that I really like about living in Boise is that there is a lot of wildlife. We’ve got tons of squirrels running around, fighting and squeaking – and sometimes getting smushed by cars 🙁 – and they’re fun to watch. My husband and I put out birdseed and we see lots of doves, smaller songbirds, ducks, geese – even a turkey one year.

But there’s also the deer that like to hang out at the end of my street. I still get a kick seeing them just casually walking across the street or taking a nap in a little copse of trees on the side of the road. I hope I’m never at the point where I don’t feel a bit of delight at that kind of sight.

I like the walk home from CrossFit in the early dark of the morning, or even the walk to, for catching sight of the more nocturnal animals. Mostly raccoons and cats, but in June, I saw not one, but two little owls sitting on a fence as I walked home from CrossFit one morning. They were utterly still, but they weren’t statues, because I saw one fly off. But that was only the second coolest sighting I had in June.

When my husband was driving me to work, as he sometimes does, I saw a bird of prey flying overhead with something in its talons. Naturally, I exclaimed to Ambrose about this and he slowed the car so that we could see when it landed on top of a telephone pole that the osprey had a still-wriggling fish in one claw. I wish I had taken a picture, but we were on the move and there really wasn’t time to anything but try and impress the image into my memory.

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