Last week, we had some thunderstorms. On Thursday night, just as Ambrose and I were getting ready for bed, the lights flickered on and off. For a moment, it was an annoyance. Then they flickered again, and finally faded. 
We could still hear the wind outside. The rain hadn’t started falling yet, so I’m not sure why the power went out. Inside the apartment, it was eerily quiet and dark. You don’t realize just how much electronic noise is going on around you until it is all silenced. No humming from the fridge or the computer. No whirring from the fans. I kind of liked it, though I was concerned about the food in the fridge and the freezer. 
I tried to check and see if Idaho Power had any information on the outage, but although I could pull up their website, it had no reported outages. I thought about making a report, but it was bedtime, so I plugged my phone into Ambrose’s power bank and put it on my nightstand with two alarms set – just in case I slept through the 4:30 CrossFit wakeup call. The phone probably had enough battery to last overnight, but it was nice to be able to charge it up with the power bank. 
When I woke up during the night, I saw the power was back on, and although I don’t like to wake up enough to check the time during the night, I did look at the phone time and the flashing clock time so I could guess that it had been out for about three hours. 
As I tried to fall back to sleep, I could hear noises. Something from outside. It slowly resolved into singing and drumming that I guess was from my neighbors. I didn’t have the energy to get up and yell at them. Well, I wouldn’t have yelled. Politely asked? Rudely asked. Yes, that’s probably how I would have handled it. Instead, I wrapped my pillow around my ears and went back to sleep. 
The wind tore the cover off of our apartment’s lamppost. 

These mushrooms sure liked the moisture.

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