I meant to finish my second book from last season in February. And in March, April, and May. 

It’s now June, and I haven’t hit publish. I’ve been making progress, but of the very slow variety. To be fair, I felt ill for a good portion of those months – not from tummy issues for once, but a variety of long last colds. (I did a home Covid test at one point and came up negative.)

June really needs to be the month that I wrap this thing up. I don’t want to go on more trips without having put this one to bed, so to speak. So I need to just focus myself and make it happen. I’m really down to the nitty gritty parts that don’t take a whole lot of thought. Just a lot of persnickety placement work for the photos (which are all plated and captioned), and then the cover, and then the standard print size, and then the cover for that, and finally the ebook version and ebook cover. That should make it a wrap. That’s one long day’s work or several partial days, and the hardest part will be writing the back cover copy. At any rate, I’m aiming for no later than June 15th. 

It’s definitely doable. I just need to make sure that I put the book first on my priority list. And that I don’t catch another of those annoying colds that sap my brain and creative energies. 

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