I managed to be sick over the long Labor Day weekend, as well as the one before, but this past weekend I was able to start back on exercising. Unfortunately, the exercising after so long a sickness break made me more than usually tired.  I still haven’t finished writing up my Chamberlain Basin hike – I haven’t even made much progress in writing it. 

But I have kept up with writing fiction every day, and I’ve recorded the number of words. I don’t know that I’ll continue the fiction writing once I finish my current story, because I’ll have the solo to write up and produce, but between Spanish homework and keeping up with exercise, there simply might not be time. 
It’s all about balancing priorities and making choices. Work is a priority because I need money. Spanish homework is a priority because I’m investing time and money in the class (plus I really want to learn the language). My blogs are up there, working out, writing my solo hike and putting the fiction I wrote this summer out where it can be bought. 
And I like spending time with my husband, too. Every now and then. And spending time with him watching shows we enjoy together is nice and relaxing, but it takes time that I could use for other things. 
So I have to figure out where to put my time and where to put my energy and, if I could, I’d totally cut out my job but my writing income is nowhere near the level that would allow me to do that. It isn’t that I don’t like my job; I just like writing and exercising and being with husband more. 
I spent more time on the couch this weekend than at the desk. I made that choice. I chose to wake up early and exercise, complete my chores and then watch movies instead of writing. I chose to drag my husband on a six mile walk instead of getting my butt in the writing chair – a walk that drained me of energy because I did it right after Sunday morning Cross Fit. 
I hope by next weekend I’ll be a bit more used to exercising so the choice to move from the couch to the desk is a little bit easier to make. 

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