Last summer I had a good run of writing fiction by committing to writing fiction every day. I wrote a good deal and succeeded in my goal.

This summer I decided to do the same thing without considering the factor of my solo trip.

Last year’s solo trip was at the end of the hiking season. Once I finished it, my fiction writing challenge was almost over. I could get right on to writing the nonfiction book easily.

Having already completed my solo trip, more than a month ago now, I have come to realize that I do not have time in my day to simultaneously challenge myself to write fiction and nonfiction to a word count every day. I don’t want to sleep less; I can’t work less; I choose not to work out less.

So I’m making a shift in my priorities. Writing will remain a priority, but it will be nonfiction that I focus on to a word count. For starters, I’m going to keep the word minimum at the same 600 words for at home and 300 when out camping/backpacking, but I might revise that because I typically do find it easier to write my solo books than to make up stories.

Just like “only” hiking 92 miles instead of 100 was not a failure, but a reframing of the goal, so too do I not see this as a break in the streak or cause for sadness. I’m consciously refocusing so that I can achieve my goal of having the solo book ready. Once it’s done, I’ll go back to fiction able to focus on stories without worrying about the fact that I haven’t done my solo book yet.

And I think I’m going to manage to get this year’s solo book out in time for Christmas gifts.

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