The other day, I was walking on a bridge and realized that it was the home for a whole lot of large spiders. Orb-weavers, mostly, I’m told. It was really neat that once I started noticing one, suddenly there were so many more. I paused to get pictures, while my companion urged us on, because she was less of a tolerance for spiders than I do. I think being afraid of spiders is one of those things that I thought was the appropriate thing to do, so I did it. 
I mean normal North American spiders, not scary movie spiders (or Australian spiders). I’ve stopped jumping and screaming whenever I see a spider in the house, and I usually either let them live (and eat bugs) or put them outside alive. 
I still don’t think I’ll be watching the movie Arachnophobia anytime soon though. It might still give my nightmares.

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